The Little Universe


 Jon Gruber, a thirty-something carpenter, is without a wife or family. He rides his bike from job to job, and, for the most part, is a happy man. When he take on a new client, Adam, he finds he questions life and what it’s all about.
Adam, widowed by the love of his life, is the father of a grown daughter.  Adam has taken on a new task in life, create a new universe on a small scale. To do so he will need help, so he hires Jon to do the physical labor he is no longer able to do. With his help this little universe turns out to be more than he ever envisioned.
For those who have ever wondered how the universe started, what it was like, or when life really began, this is the perfect book!  Jason Matthews gives us a look into how it may have been in “The Little Universe“. There is a lot of scientific jargon, especially in the beginning, that can be hard to understand but is slowly explained as we follow how the universe may have been born and how life may have started. This story starts off slow but develops into a look at an amazing creation, leading the reader on a great exploration.
Jason’s work of fiction will tug at every corner of the brain as it produces an outcome that promises to leave the soul feeling lighter.
Melody Prat