The Lilac Hour


SHORT STORIES:  Sara has come to the twilight of her life and has only ever had one love. It didn’t matter that he died when they were young, she always had the lilac hour to help her remember.

Maggie never thought she’d fall in love with someone like her husband once was.  Time and a stale marriage have her wondering why she ever did.  When she finds the letters he courted her with will they be enough to save her marriage?

JoAnne runs into an old flame and can’t believe the memories it sparks. And he seems just as excited to reignite the fire. She’s a married woman now, though. Should she rekindle the romance or stay the course with her husband?

 “The Lilac Hour” is three stories in one, following three generations of women. Each story is charming and unique and Carbone does a fabulous job with the “voice” of each character, making them come to life. Though short, each story is poignant and lovely and leaves the reader with the warm and fuzzies. Carbone—especially in the first story—paints a beautiful picture filled with sights, smells, and tender emotion. A great afternoon read that reminds us what love is really about. 

Sofia St. Angeles