The Lighthouse


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Robin Grover is the last of the Seafaring Girls to live on Diamond Island. She is heartbroken over the loss of Joel Shields, the husband of their adventure group leader, Kristen. Robin decides to call for the support of her childhood friends, Alice, Kelly, Eloise, and AJ, in hopes they will all return to Diamond Island for Kristen’s sake. Robin is convinced that with them all together, helping Kristen declutter Joel’s files and bookshelves, they will rekindle their lost friendships. To Robin’s surprise, not everyone is as eager as she is to stir up the past. Through moments reminiscing and mystery notes found, the women learn of each other’s reasons for not wanting to return home, and for some, not wanting to remember Joel Shields.  

“The Lighthouse” is a thought-provoking novel of relatable friendships. Each character embodies someone readers can relate to from their past. Jessie Newton giftedly reveals each woman’s past and current life, bringing them to life in a way that allows them closure and a new beginning. However, there are quite a few characters to keep up with which requires pausing to remember information from previous chapters in order to connect the dots. The story’s momentum is slowed by this who’s who of names. However, this should not dissuade readers from “The Lighthouse”. Time invested in reading “The Lighthouse” is valuable since there are more stories to come and readers will be well prepared to dive into the next story, especially since the first two chapters of the next book are included. 

Moira Wolf