Life for Sale (Tomorrow’s Angels Book 2)


SCI-FI:  March, the owner of a special edition android, turned husband, embarks on a cruise with him and two other androids who are on the run from their creators. Joined by Daniel and Monica, the foursome enjoys their travels until a cruise member mysteriously dies. Suspicion falls within their group that one of them may be involved with the death. March finds herself jealous of Monica’s open advances on Christian as the trip continues, yet Christian seems oblivious. Monica pulls out all the stops to lure her fellow android to leave his human wife, but then erratically puts the cruise ship full of people at risk when her plans are not realized. March is smarter than Monica anticipates and uses her own intelligence to not only stop the crazed android, but also save a cruise ship from destruction.

“Life for Sale” gives readers the thrilling thought of what it would be like to pick out an android spouse who is programmed to love you. The storyline that they are on the run on a cruise ship is hard to believe since they know they are being followed on the ship. Enter the crazed and possibly misprogrammed Monica or is it Monica II. Editing of the story may help readers from being confused. Monica’s insufferable teenage style of hate-talk of her dislike of March is daunting and overdone. The overuse of italicized words pulls readers out of the story. The twist as the cruise ships speeds to ultimate doom enables readers relief that there is more to the story of March and Christian than a psycho android determined to make Christian her lover in the end.

Moira Wolf