Life (Citizens of Logan Pond #1)


NEW ADULT/DYSTOPIAN:  One day life was as we know it. Five years later the economy is down, the government might as well be and billions have been rendered homeless.   Carrie Ashworth has lost her parents and is left with two siblings to take of - all without the papers to make her a citizen. To be fair, rare are those who have them.  In order to avoid government municipalities people gather into clans, helped and hidden by lawful citizens. One such clan is Carrie’s - Logan Pond - and while life isn’t easy, with help from citizens May and CJ and Patrolman Oliver, people get by. However, everything is threatened by the arrival of Greg Pierce, May and CJ’s handsome, grumpy grandson. 


 “Life” is a fascinating tale of, not surprisingly, life, love and friendship in an endangered community that embraces readers and almost makes them wish to belong among the colorful, tight-knit group. The clan, especially Carrie and Greg, are blood and breath of this story. It would be a challenge indeed not to fall in love with the pair! Especially the antisocial-but-still-sweet Greg. Ms. Belliston also does a marvelous job of describing the effects of threats to survival on individuals and relationships. The only glitch in this story might be the fall of society – the transition to the described situation, and the situation itself seem dubious and illogical, but offer food for thought. How fragile are the comforts we take for granted, really?

A terrific study of character, an exciting adventure and a beginning of a promising series! What more can anyone ask for? Except for the next book, of course!


Mimi Smith