The Left Turn: Two Lives Worlds Apart (The Split Universe Book 1)

Parker Geist

MAGIC REALISM: Hannah Fleet and James Wescott are filled with conflicting inner emotions they never learned how to help one another with. Hannah is a struggling author who has an abundance of stress, while James is an HR recruiter who’s still haunted by his brother’s death. One day, the couple finds themselves on a bike ride when they get separated.  After their separation, the couple somehow transports themselves into a split universe where they’re launched into alternate lives. The catch is they have no idea what their recent life is like, and they must navigate these new waters for themselves, all alone. Will James and Hannah find a more positive future on this journey? Or will they lose themselves to their own minds?

This mind-blowing, psychological novel will have readers questioning every decision they’ve ever made as they drift through the pages of two characters landing in alternate universes based on the simplest decisions they make. The universe concept of this book does go slightly overboard, which can be too much for the reader to handle in some parts and distracts from the good parts of the plot. Fortunately, there are many important plot events in the story that brings readers back into focus, allowing them to sift through hidden messages and keep their brains flowing. However, readers may start looking too far into unimportant parts, which throws them into a confusing loop. Still, there’s great character development and the author dives into the characters’ individual lives wonderfully. The romantic connection unfortunately feels too rushed and forced at the end. Overall, this novel acts as a perfect read for people needing a sweet, “everything happens for a reason” novel.

Austen Grace