Last Ship Off Polaris-G (Central Galactic Concordance 0.5)

Van Natta

SCI-FI:  The Central Galactic Concordance has quarantined the frontier planet Polaris-Gamma after blight destroys all crops. However, the settlers of Pol-G know that the truth behind the quarantine most likely has more do to with the planetary government refusing to join the CGC than the blight, and if the settlers don’t escape they will all starve to death. Anitra Helden has more reasons than most to want to avoid the CGC. Her telepathic gifts have made her a target in the past, but as the supply depot manager for the Pol-G government, she cannot stand by and do nothing while people starve. Recruiting old flame and independent trader Gavril Danilovich, Anitra and several other members of the planetary government make plans for a run at the blockade, but will untamed telepathic gifts, military spies, and greedy officials doom them all?

A true winner of a prequel, “Last Ship Off Polaris-G” is much too short for all the action, simmering romance, and intergalactic conspiracies Ms. Van Natta’s world contains. Anitra and Gavril are intriguing with their old romance and telepathic powers. The plot and conflict flow seamlessly, and the characters are well rounded and complex. The only true hindrance to this story is that the length leaves unanswered questions that one hopes will be played out more in future books. However, the world building, action, and romance all add up to one irresistible read that will send readers straight to the bookstore for the next several books, which thankfully, are available.

Sarah E Bradley