The Language of Divorce


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Hannah and Will Abbott are living their lives and raising their children. Hannah is taking a photography class with another man and has been communicating with him, unknown to Will. Will goes to a baseball game with some mutual friends when a flirtatious woman catches his eye. A lot of alcohol later the seemingly innocent night turns into more and results in damaging photos. When each seeks their own divorce attorney for information, a storm is brewing and no one can see the damage that lies ahead. This family drama spirals out of control quickly and affects an entire community in the worst ways. When it creates a social media frenzy this family really takes a wild ride. When each is approached about financial assistance, it is more publicity but possibly the only way out.

“The Language of Divorce” is a realistic tale of an American family caught up in the emotions that come with everyday life. How each character reacts is also very realistic, true lack of communication and misunderstanding makes this book a huge tangled mess of life. The reality show approach may feel a bit clichéd but a true representation of current times. The attorneys involved and their lives add a secondary story line that intertwines how many people are affected by the actions of a few. The changing POV gives readers an awesome glance from multiple perspectives. This is a satisfying and well-crafted first work by Ms. Treese. Readers should look forward to her future work!

Viola Robins