The Lament of Sky


STEAMPUNK/DARK FANTASY:  Lilyth is suffering from amnesia; her memories include only the last year of her life and no further. One night her world is turned upside down, and Lilyth is rescued from certain death by William. Later he informs Lilyth that she belongs to a race of female warriors, the Rhai-Angof. And that he, a lesser god known as a Duwaiu, is her long lost love. Hunted to near extinction by Fhyniix, one of the evil ruling Gods, William and Lilyth are the last of their kind. In order to survive Lilyth must take back her power and regain her memories of whom and what she is.


“The Lament of Sky” is a unique take on a traditional fantasy novel. Ms. Wynter has written a story with a creative plot, and distinct world. While the story is original and the world itself is incredibly vivid, due to little character development, one may be more interested in the atmosphere than in the characters themselves. The florid exaggerated sentence structure may leave readers feeling frustrated and the peppering of modern language seems at odds with the overall writing style. Unfortunately, “The Lament of Sky” suffers from the issue of “telling not showing”. There are so many minute details that it makes it exceptionally difficult for one to keep pace. Although there is an intense buildup, the end is disappointing and leaves more questions and few answers. With nothing resolved this tale closes with a cliffhanger but hopefully a deeper understanding will be revealed in the next installment.


Chantel Hardge