The Lady Machinist (Curiosity Chronicles #1)


STEAMPUNK:  Lady Lydia Dimosthenis is a rare bird on the island kingdom of Aspasia. Her heart broken by the death of her husband, she turns to creating automatons worthy of the attention of the world. Rhys Cartret arrives as an ambassador for New Britannia, with the goal of purchasing these machines. Neither knows that they will come together, heart and soul, thanks to the machines' interventions. 


The plot is solid with plenty of action, and the characters are developed with style and panache. The romance is a tad slow, though, and a bit predictable. The first novel in the series for the Cabinet of Intellectual Curiosities gives us a peek into what appears to be an organization to be watched. The scientific discoveries they seek, such as Lydia’s automatons, bring the steampunk aspects to light though more could have been provided as the story played out. Lydia and Rhys make a delightful pair, much better than the scoundrel Nikolaos who seeks her hand in marriage. The chemistry betwixt the three does make for a compelling mix from start to finish. 



Join the adventure that Ms. Morgan has created on the sea with Rhys and Lydia, as they sail to New Britannia.  Intrigue and treachery abound amidst the mysteries of life at sea and Ms. Morgan's rich characters.  



Penelope Anne Bartotto