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Saint Bloodbath
Frederick Douglas

TRUE CRIME: A homicide in Long Beach, California, takes two detectives on a crazy journey to find a killer. Detectives McGuire and Cortes must use all their experience from their years on the force to put together the pieces of a very grizzly puzzle.

Hester Seckman

DYSTOPIAN: In the future, Earth is abandoned by humans, and a group of them settle on a foreign planet. Here, the inhabitants decide to create a different version of life, one where the men and women live separately. While the women are in charge and have control over society in Rightside, the men live in harder times on Wrongside.

Tuscan Time

TIME TRAVEL: After she’s transported back to 1902 through a painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Gabriella D’Angelo, a chef from an Italian restaurant in Chicago, finds herself in a dire situation in Tuscany, Italy before she is miraculously saved by the handsome John (Jack) Henry Langsford.

MEMOIR: Delicia was four-years-old when she and her seven-year-old brother were kidnapped from their home in Los Angeles and taken to Iraq by their estranged father. Forced to live in a country she has never known, and finding herself the victim of abuse, she fights each day, and now tells her story in this book.

Boleyn Time

TIME TRAVEL: This story begins in January, 1519 at Chateau Du Clos Luce, in France. In this tale, Anne Boleyn is Leonardo da Vinci’s apprentice. She is well-educated which intimidates most men. She understands mathematics and science at a high level and is very competent. This time travel story occurs in two different settings with people living 500 years apart.