The Korpes Agenda (The Korpes File Series Book 2)


SCI-FI:  After Doctor Nash Korpes, a Master Tech, leaves KMR&D and finds a job at Harlo-Fyre Research and Development all his troubles should be over. Harlo-Frye is a better place, and Nash’s best friend Davis is working alongside him. Although Nash has left the past behind him and attempts to lose himself in the work in the lab, the past still follows and haunts him on a daily basis. As Nash tries to make friends in his new position, he realizes he can’t trust anyone, even Davis. As Nash gets closer to finding out the truth, he discovers horrifying things, and his altruistic desire to save mankind could destroy the world instead. Nash must figure out who wants to hurt him before he ends up dead as well. 

This book is a grippingly satisfying piece of dystopian science fiction genius! Even though the tale is beautifully brilliantly written, the story is a little jumbled in the beginning, making it difficult to understand exactly what is going on. It eventually does come together, but it might be a good idea to read the first book in the series just to understand the world. The story itself, however, is not hard to follow. The complex characterizations and descriptions of each of the different species makes for very creatively imagined world. Nash, the strange enigmatic hero, might be a little psychotic and paranoid, but he keeps everyone guessing about his true purpose. Plus, the mystery and trouble that seem to follow him are definitely entertaining! The story is intriguing enough to be interesting and does keep readers immersed in the story without getting bored!

Roslynn Ernst