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Science Fiction: Patricia Risden is driving home one night, on a road she drives on a daily basis. On this particular night, there is one big difference, a man appears out of nowhere right in front of her car. The last thing she remembers is her car ending up in a ditch.  When she awakens, she realizes that she is no longer on planet Earth!

Alliance Commander Travis 152 is lacking emotion, conditioned from birth to feel only fear and pain. He is ruthless and demands co-operation from everyone, along with any information he desires. He soon realizes that Patricia is innocent and harmless, and lets her out of her cell, knowing that he must keep Patricia away from Veronica, the vicious and wicked Supreme Commander, at all costs.  He realizes that this decision that will change his life and hers......forever.

Patricia is one of those characters readers can't help falling in love with! Travis, on the other hand is hard to like in the beginning, but he slowly worms his way into the heart.  This book is wonderfully emotional, without the graphic sex scenes.  The descriptive scenes are long enough, though,  to form a vision in one's mind, just not such that they bore with long details. The only reason this isn't an enthusiastic 5 star book, is that the storyline, where a woman falls in love within just a few days time with the person who has kidnapped her, especially off of her own planet,  requires a stretch of acceptance that is just a bit too hard to believe.

Tonya Smalley