Khantara – Volume 1


SCI-FI:  At nine feet tall and with a muscular physique, Khantara is a warrior and a leader among the Haanta.  For all his warlike attributes, though, he is a gentle soul, with a gift for talking to animals and a desire for peace.  For centuries, he has fought the Thellis, but conflict continues.  To keep war at bay, the Haanta decide to build an outpost on the Thellis mainland, so they can fight insurrection before it escalates into war.  Khantara is the leader of this expedition.  He is up to the task, but he doesn’t count on encountering Anelta, a Tallesian woman who is Marked, and kept in poverty as property.  He cannot help but be attracted to her – her beauty,  her humility, and her shy interest in him.  It is his nature to protect, and he does not understand the Tallesian way of cruelty and abuse.  When he sees how her owner treats her, it is the last straw, and he takes her to live with him.  

Khatana is a sci fi tale with an unlikely romance.  The relationship between Khantara and Anelta builds gradually, but does not disappoint.  The reader roots for Khantara to take Anelta away and find the love he has waited for all his life.  There is an abundance of story-specific sci fi words which can make the reading slow going, but the overall storyline keeps the reader involved and, ultimately,  anxiously waiting for Volume 2 to see if Anelta will live with the Haanta, and build the life she deserves with Khantara! 

Victoria Z. Burg