The Karaoke Duo Vs The Karaoke Zombies


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Normal people by day, superhero crime fighters at night - Man with the Mike and Fermata Girl (AKA Edward Strongbox and Sheila Freemont) have just become their own dynamic duo, testing their powers against zombiefied humans and small animals. There is a nefarious plot afoot, and Commissioner Fatmanincharge cannot fix it. He sends their signal into the sky, a harp snapped in half. But as with any new hero, things don’t always go as planned.  


This is not your typical romantic comedy and it will appeal to a very specific group of readers.  However, that doesn’t make it any less a splendid example of comic book superheroes – in novel form. The writing is vivid enough that the cover image is easily forgotten, allowing the reader a personal world-building experience. The characters of Man with the Mike and Fermata Girl are truly a throwback to the 60’s superhero television shows and movies, with a splash of current technological jargon mixed in. The downside to attempting comic book super heroes is that it’s easy to become lost. This story tries too hard to nab that campy, kitschy quality that provided Batman with world domination and made it a household name. The descriptions can become so intricate that it’s easy for the reader to get lost in them and not remember the storyline. The story of newly formed 60’s super heroes is a genre that has all but disappeared from today's comic-based movies. This read is a refreshing one, taking a reader back to the purest beginning form of the genre, where DC and Marvel might have come from.


Julie York