The K’Terrian Affair


SCI-FI:  Alex left the FBI to become chief of police on Dune Island.  He is reunited with his mother who he has not seen since he was 9 years old.  Alex’s mother is a major with the U.S. Army assigned to protect Eleanor and her father.  Eleanor and her father are scientists working for the U.S. Army.  Alex and Eleanor meet and begin a relationship.  What happens when Alex learns who Eleanor and her father really are?

“The K’Terrian Affair” is a science-fiction romance that will take one on an adventurous and action filled journey where anything is possible.   The reader will be drawn into the story from the first page as the author draws the reader into the action and fight at the beginning of the story.  The author will keep one in suspense as the secrets are revealed about Eleanor and her father.  Although, as the story continues, the reader will feel that the story has been drawn out.  The reader will continue to follow the unique relationship between Alex and Eleanor but will feel the connection and attraction between the couple is missing.  One will want more from that relationship and will be disappointed with the ending.  The reader will enjoy the action and constant threats on the scientists and will enjoy the final battle.  "The K’Terrian Affair” is a very enjoyable science fiction romance that every science fiction fan will enjoy.

Victoria Zumbrum