SCI-FI/SUSPENSE/HISTORICAL:  A nationwide invasion leads to a nuclear blast that nearly decimates JoJo’s hometown. JoJo is an android with human parents — parents he must find before it is too late! Along with his dog, he sets out on an adventure that he hopes will reunite his family. It could possibly reunite him with old enemies as well. As the flames of war rise up around him, JoJo learns about his father’s past and the impact it has on the future. While humanity struggles to survive, JoJo must discover if he has a place in an organic world, or if he will always be too artificial to fit in.

“JQR” is a richly developed science fiction novel of epic proportions! The scenes are painted vividly, and the depth of story bridges the past, the present, and the possible future awaiting us. This book is created from an alternate timeline spawned from actual history, and it makes for an engaging read!  Mr. Rodriquez has a unique flow with his words that gives the story an almost cinematic feel. For some readers, the book might be slow or hard to connect with because of this. However, Mr. Rodriquez has created an impressive world, and has an intriguing lead in JoJo! His journey is one of a kind, full of twists and turns. The secondary characters are all as richly developed as JoJo.

This is a perfect read for those who love the unique worlds of science fiction!

Chelsea Andersen