The Jakkattu Vector (Jakkattu #1)

P.K. Tyler

SCI-FI:  Julip Torne has lived her whole life on the reservation created for the last inhabitants of earth by the god beings known as the Mezna.  A life-time of toxic storms and subsistent survival seems to be all there is for Julip’s people.  When she begins to express her doubts, Julip puts her own life and the lives of all she knows in danger.   Sabaal, a Jakkattu, is being held by the Meznas who perform torture and medical experiments on her. Upon escaping, she must trust the inhabitants of earth with her life and in turn they look to her for their future.

PK Tyler has a winner with "The Jakkattu Vector”!  This is a complex tale of oppression and abuse of power with characters that are complex and compelling.  The reader is swept along with Julip as she undergoes her transformation to a fully realized individual and with Sabaal’s struggle to be free. The story skips between Julip and Sabaal’s story throughout the novel and at times it makes the story difficult to follow – especially in the beginning.  However, as the story unwinds, the two perspectives flow seamlessly into each other.

While the Jakkattu Vector will appeal to die-hard fans of science fiction, this story should have an even bigger fan base.  Ms. Tyler’s imaginative world and well written prose has a universal appeal to all readers who like a well-crafted story.

Gwenellen Tarbet