Jacobo's Rainbow


LITERARY FICTION: The story begins as a reflection on the past when Jacobo leaves his isolated New Mexico village to attend the University of Taos. He is unprepared for a world on the brink of social change, and yet finds himself drawn into the orbit of a student protest leader and making friends with a Jewish man and an Indian woman. He is both activist and observer as he navigates events beyond his understanding. His written recordings of a major university protest expose the darker agendas of those fighting for change and those wanting to keep the status quo. However, circumstances catapult his life in a direction that will forever change him. Forced to choose between jail or Vietnam, he chooses to go to war. Throughout this coming-of-age story, Jacobo remains true to his roots and the legacy of his family.

"Jacobo's Rainbow" is a fictional memoir that reads true to life with its elegant prose and historical detail! Like a masterpiece on display, this story is rich with layers waiting for the reader to pull them back to reveal hidden truths. The Jewish experience and Jewish history illuminates and honors those who have remained dedicated to their faith and heritage. Added to that is the background of the 1960s with its protests for civil rights and free speech and against the Vietnam War. Jacobo, with his insular upbringing, is the perfect narrator as he enters the story with few biases and finds a world replete with them. Although the 1960s are long gone, we are still fighting the same battles. "Jacobo's Rainbow" resonates with authenticity that captivates readers from page one!

Tricia Hill