Invited (Book Two of the Achlivan Cycle)


SCI-FI:  After being kidnapped from a mall by the Achlivans, Chevelle Donahue and Timber Hudson are desperate to reunite with their families still on Earth and with Chevelle’s boyfriend Wicken Sanders, who was sold to the Gorgachan. With Earth facing destruction in just a few short days, choices must be made to save the human race. However, someone is working against them, and faced with two alien races with different opinions on what to do with the humans, the decisions the three make could have a huge impact on not only their survival but the survival of the human race.


The second book in “The Achlivan Cycle”, this book is even more of a mix of YA, Sci-Fi, and Dystopia than the first. It also does not stand alone, as it picks up shortly after "Displaced" leaves off, and new readers will have difficulty catching up.  Chevelle is pregnant and desperate to be with Wicken. Wicken is once more stuck in a crummy situation, but this time more of his background is revealed with interesting twists. Timber is taking steps to take on a position as liaison between the humans and aliens, but has drama with his parents and girlfriend added in. The plot continues to grow with some answers and some new drama. The downside is that all three main characters seem to be showing more weaknesses in this book than strengths. Despite exciting conspiracies and revolutions building in the background, none of the characters seem capable of thinking anything through, which might have some readers banging their heads while praying that in the next book, something fantastic comes out of it.


Sarah E. Bradley