NEW ADULT:  Sedona Miller grew up in a collective with her mother and a few other families. She was home schooled and able to finish high school at the age of sixteen. Her mother would not allow her to begin college until she was eighteen, so she continued with her education online and entered university as a senior. Her studies were on the path to be a Doctor of neuroscience.  An accident leaves Sedona with her arm in a sling which leaves her unable to work her library job and sends her to be a tutor in the athletic department. Knowing nothing of sports, she is not intimidated by the athletes, but intrigued by their popularity. Jesse Walker is the hottest basketball player on and off the court. Can Sedona get him to pass his music class? If not, he’s off the team.

Not all college kids are treated the same and "Interference" is an interesting tale of college athletes who get special treatment and may not even be literate. The characters are challenged and show great integrity. The honesty and transparency in the plot are refreshing. There are some stereotypical characters here which lead to some predictability in the plot but overall this is a "feel good" story. An unlikely pair that fits together makes this a delightful tale and quick read. This book covers topics that many typically turn the other cheek to - the result will not leave readers disappointed, however many may find that the story ends too soon.

Viola Robins