Infinite Blue


LGBTQ:  Cai is a man of routine and responsibility. His mundane life is comfortable and pleasant. However, he keeps noticing a hawk following him—showing up in the most random places. Why does he get the feeling this hawk is stalking him? 

Shahin comes from a chaotic family with a stern and strict mother, who tells of horror and tragedy when a shifter chooses a human for a mate. But as Shahin follows Cai’s every move from his bird’s eye view, literally his other half—his hawk—Shahin is convinced Cai is his fated mate and will stop at nothing to find the love he knows exists between them. As Cai and Shahin discover the joys of love, Shahin becomes sick and believes he will soon die because he crossed breeds and fell in love with the beautiful human Cai. Will love find its happily ever after, or will Shahin succumb to the very real threat to his existence? 

“Infinite Blue” is the perfect shifter love story that will live inside the reader long after the book is finished. The primary characters, Cai and Shahin, are flawlessly developed, and the secondary players are an integral part of this enchanting story. As the brilliant and slightly sinister plot unfolds, readers will fall in love with everything “Infinite Blue.” The editing is splendid, which is an important part of reading without interruption. Kudos to Natalina Reis for her creative flow and exceptional imagination. The antagonist may or may not redeem herself in the eyes of the reader. Readers of LGBT+ romance will consume this witty and heartwarming story that soars in on the wings of a hawk… and love. 

Tiffany Landers