Incoming Alert


SCI-FI:  Melissa Carter is an outcast.  Nothing exciting ever happens, except today.  A creature appears, a two inch bug-looking figure named Boy-ron, from Interfere-ron, on his first visit to Earth.  No human can see him, except Lissa.  As immortal, Boy-ron lives on blood - he has pegs in his hands and feet that allow him to feed.  Lissa has AB positive blood which is absolutely delicious. When rons feed from humans, they read their life history, like eating and reading a book!  Boy-ron is fading fast since he hasn't eaten;  he feeds on Lissa's delicious blood and he changes his name to Car-on because of his feelings for Lissa.  Car-on's father Airon decides to claim Lissa for his family and save her from her abusive mother.  Airon's family becomes hers, and now she has a father and three very protective brothers!  Lissa, Car-on and his brothers struggle to live on Earth, invisible to all except Lissa, and needing blood to stay alive. 

The ron characters are very engaging, and their history and life makes for great reading!  There is a lot of dialogue, though, which tends to detract from the story line.  There is some sci-fi terminology, but not so much that it gets confusing. Lissa and Car-on learn how to live as human and immortal together, and Lissa finds out she has more in common with rons than she thinks. Arlene Webb has written a fascinating sci-fi tale, with lots of imagination and action.  An excellent read!


Victoria Z. Burg