Icy Passage


SCI-FI/PARANORMAL:  Two microbiologists in the icy southern regions of the globe have been babysitting two mysteriously mutated colonies of archaea, the earth’s oldest living organism. When one colony begins attacking members of Base McMurdo, Antarctica, Dr. Bryn McMichaels decides to bring his colony over from South Georgia Island to compare. On the transport ship he meets Kayna Quan, a Chinese/Irish American M.D. on her way to the base for a one-year stint. Instant attraction leads to a shipboard romance that seems to go beyond the physical connection. They may be linked in a way that tests Brynn’s ability to comprehend as the story plays out amidst impending nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia.

This story hooks the reader from the first paragraph! Kayna is blessed/cursed with magic from both her mother’s Celtic spell-casting ancestors and her father, a Chinese mage. She’s beautiful, brave, and aware enough to embrace her magical and psychic abilities along with her medical knowledge. Brynn is Adonis-good-looking with brains to match. He realizes his connection to Kayna is serious enough to open his mind to her beliefs, as well as risk his life for her. The colonies of micro-organisms play a major role in the story—but are they the cause of earth’s destruction, or key to saving who’s left after a nuclear war among two super powers? This is a well-written, unique blend of scientific journal, heart-thumping suspense, and steamy romance with a twist of magic—a truly enjoyable read. Brava Ms. Gimpel!

Lori Leger