I, Bionic (Ignisar #2)

Jess K.

SCIENCE FICTION: Elanie, a half-human bionic, is going through some major hormonal changes that are complicating her life in ways she never imagined. Aboard the Ignisar, she seeks out the ship's clinician, Dr. Semson, also known as Sem, for answers. He is immediately smitten with Elanie, and she is feeling a stir of something herself. One night a strange voice hacks into Elanie’s programming forcing her to steal an escape pod and leave the Ignisar behind. Sem tries to stop her and when he is unable to, he hops into the pod with her and they both jump through space, landing on an unknown planet. Elanie and Sem work together to discover where they are and if they should stay.

“I, Bionic” is a delightfully humorous science fiction romance! With laugh out loud moments between Sem and Elanie, this book is easy to devour in one sitting. Following them as they explore this unusual planet and also try to navigate their developing feelings for each other makes this story exciting and fun. Ms. Hardy’s development of the two main characters is very good, and even with this being the second book in a series, it can definitely be read as a standalone. There are several different types of science fiction creatures throughout, which make it very intriguing. It would be nice to know more about each species to have a better understanding of what they look like and how they navigate day-to-day comings and goings. “I, Bionic” is great for readers who enjoy awkward first meetings, humor-filled romance, and quite a few steamy moments.

Jennifer Shepherd