A Hunka Hunka Nursing Love


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Valeria Parks is an overworked, savvy businesswoman on the cusp of divorce. She has never been prone to risks or flights of fancy, and yet when she had this wonderfully wacky idea to do something unusual – she went through with it. True, this was unlike anything she ever did – a visiting-nurse service who employs only hunks? Who would’ve thought of that? Well, she did and the business took off, while her private life didn’t. Until she met Keith, one of her employees, and things started to look up.

An emotional story about a woman finding faith in love again, building up a relationship with her mother, learning that sometimes it’s good to stand still for a moment and think what is it that really makes you happy.  Valerie is a character that is easy to empathize with and Keith is a genuinely nice guy who deserves to be happy. They simply fit amazingly well. However, there are elements that leave something to be desired - the writing is awkward at times and the characters’ emotions sometimes don’t ring true. Nevertheless, this is a poignant read that won’t leave a reader unaffected!


Ana Smith