House of Seven (The Colors #3)


SCI-FI:  The Colors Five have honed in on the location of the sixth color and now race towards their fallen companion. Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow, together with their human entourage aim to reunite the colors in time to travel to their own realm. Bryan, the policeman who sought only to find the yellow woman is now a part of the motley crew speeding across the country. Nervous, overwhelmed, and completely confused as to what will happen from minute to minute, he hovers on the outside of the core - watching and waiting to act if needed, to kill if needed, to die if needed. Indigo and Violet wait, but one will shatter everything the colors have fought to achieve. 

The third episode in The Colors series is an extremely fast-paced drive to connect the final two colors into the events that already unfolded. Unfortunately it is so fast paced in the beginning that the story stumbles in a mire of excess words, which distracts from the beautiful prose Webb previously presented. Never fear, she is still able to drop witty quips that remind the reader that a mystery is waiting for a solution, one that needs to be seen through to the very end. Attachment to the characters will keep the reader moving forward to the ending, which then leaves many questions unanswered.  Questions that demand a solution. Will the house of seven survive, or fall?

Not a stand-alone read. Must read in order.

Penelope Anne Bartotto