Hopebreaker - A Steampunk Dystopian Fantasy (The Great Iron War, Book 1)

Dean F.

STEAMPUNK:  The dystopian world is Altadas. Jake is a smuggler who deals with the procurement and sale of special amulets that prevents women from conceiving. There are no more human births and the child of every woman becomes a demon. During one of his sorties he is captured by the Regime and thrown into the dungeon where he meets Whistler. Meeting the young boy becomes Jake’s gateway to meeting the Resistance.


Mr. Wilson has successfully merged two genres that will give readers of both dystopian and steampunk thrillers immense enjoyment. Despite Jake’s reluctant involvement in helping the Resistance destroy Hope factories, he becomes sympathetic to the Resistance's cause. He knows how diabolical the Regime can be – he has seen it, experienced it, and his fear is palpable through Wilson’s writing. 


Wilson’s description of Altadas and the surrounding areas, like Blackout, is very similar to Frank Herbert’s Dune. The technology used to develop the Hopebreaker is reminiscent of H.G. Wells. The difference is the unique way he has written a crossover novel, and his play with words.  The reader will experience the heart stopping scenes when the protagonists are caught without any chance of escape before something happens that gives them the opportunity to do so. Although "Hopebreaker" ends with a cliffhanger, Mr. Wilson’s writing will have the reader eagerly anticipating the next book in the series! 


M.P. Ceja