A Highlander in Vegas


TIME TRAVEL:  Braeden MacDonald is staring death in the face on the battlefield when a wish on a magical watch given to him by his Grannie transports him to a casino in present-day Las Vegas. John McTavish, the owner, claims to have been waiting for him and says he knew Braeden’s father. Braeden is hired as a bodyguard for John’s daughter, Tessa, because John feels she is in eminent danger. Niall, an evil wizard in Vegas, wants the watch so he can stop time, rob all the casinos, and retire in luxury. He will stop at nothing to retrieve Braeden’s watch, even murder.


Ms. Vale certainly did her research when preparing for this story! The Glencoe Massacre is a well-documented piece of Scotland’s history and it adds flair from the past to this unique tale. Distinctive characters emerge from the pages and hook the reader from the very beginning. Both ancient and modern worlds are exquisitely described and it is easy to see them in one’s mind’s eye. The hustle and bustle of Vegas is captured and the essence of the casino is felt. Niall as the central villain drips with evil that can be seen and felt by the reader. This is a beautifully woven story that intertwines both old and new worlds together into a delightful tale of love and magic. 


Belinda Wilson