Highland Wish


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Kate Cameron feels like something is missing in her fast-paced city life. As a romance novel editor, Kate has had plenty of opportunity to fantasize about what love should feel like but hasn’t been lucky enough to find it. Then, while attending her best friend’s wedding at Crathes Castle, Kate is transported back in time to the 17th century, and into the arms of Angus Sinclair. Angus is the Captain of the Guard, a fierce warrior and total opposite of the modern man Kate usually dates. Still, Angus has set his sights on Kate, and while her modern mentality urges her to return home, the brave captain might have already stolen her heart. 

A historical time travel romance, “Highland Wish” features a magical highland setting, some action, and more passion than anything else, which gives this story a "chick lit" feeling. The plot flows well and the romance is evident from the start. However, the characters are two-dimensional and the conflict between them feels contrived, with Kate fighting Angus, then getting drunk and passing out repeatedly. There is also a lack of historical accuracy. Kate's modern language and her own history are not questioned until the end, and the side characters do not behave as their social station or the period would require. As a result, the characters and the tone feel wrong. Still, lovers of historical romance or "chick lit" will find this an easy and light read.

Sarah E Bradley