Highland Protector (MacCoinnich Time Travels #5)


TIME TRAVEL:  What does a woman from 16th century and a man from 23rd have in common? How is it possible for them to meet? Better yet, WHEN can they meet? The answers are, respectively: Druids, time travel and 21st century!  Amber MacCoinnich is close to giving up.  Her gift (or curse) is killing her, steadily eroding her defenses and leaving her helpless against other people's feelings. Hoping to save her life, her mother sends her to 21st century, yet nothing changes... Until an mysterious warrior shows up and manages to take her pain away.


Gavin Kincaid, a time traveler from the 23rd century, has dedicated his life to protecting the MacCoinninch family. During one of his time shifts he sees a portrait of a hauntingly beautiful woman.  That portrait enchants him and the woman refuses to leave his thoughts. Imagine his surprise when he shifts to 21st century to rescue his friend and stumbles across his mysterious lady!  Now all he has to do is figure out how to save her life, because a world without her is difficult to imagine.


“Highland Protector” is a  spellbinding story sprawling between three centuries! While the entire story is delectable, it is the beauty and depth of the characters and their emotions that really shines through. Everything resonates and feels so real, from Amber's and her family's despair over their inability to find answers, to Gavin's heart and protectiveness, and eventually to their love. There was a bit of a cliffhanger regarding the suspense subplot at the end which makes one anxious for the next book. All in all, a captivating book filled with romance, danger and magic! What could be more perfect?


Ana Smith