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TIME TRAVEL:  Lynne McBriar thought that she was done with adventure. After her last, nearly disastrous, trip in her vintage travel trailer with the mysterious ability to travel back in time, she was determined never to use it again.


SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  It's May 2069 in the Northern territory of Alta.  Wars are at an end.  Earth is finally at peace.  There's only one law needed now in this Utopian/Dystopian land.  Don't go out at night.  Colizan "Cole" has never had a reason to break that law until now.  His best friend, Viktor, Vey's twin brother, is missing.  The Officials have announced Viktor as presumed dead.  Cole and

Night Music
Deanna Lynn

WOMEN'S FICTION:  After being wounded in the Vietnam War and receiving the Purple Heart, all that soldier Joseph Russo wants to do is to start his life over. Perhaps that will include meeting Charlotte, whose letters helped get him through his service in Vietnam.

Awakened by Time

TIME TRAVEL:  Elle Carrere is a pop star whose career is on life support. The last thing she needs right now is the interference of a matchmaking witch, but Edna has better ideas. Transported back to 16th century Scotland and forced to rely on a hunky highlander, Elle finds herself reexamining her views on family, career — and love.

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Jared Langley, 13th Duke of Reston, has always done his duty, but he finds his life lacking. Reading the journals of his ancestors proves this a common problem, except for the mysterious seventh Duke, whose journal is missing.