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STEAMPUNK/SCI-FI:  Vanessa Hargreaves, Scotland Yard inspector and agent for Victoria III, is tasked with disposing of a box known as the Cook Box. The box contains something deadly that will destroy the world. Vanessa, along with her trusty automata Alphonse, transverse America to get rid of the box before others can get to it.

TIME TRAVEL:  What happens when a caveman from the Neolithic era of 10,000 B.C. and a present-day archaeologist meet-cute after stumbling into a gateway for time travel? A sweet fish-out-of-water romance begins. Hannah Clayton is single and free to pursue her passion for ancient artifacts with her team in Oregon.

Bond Proof

SCI-FI:  Against all odds, Lillian is finally within reach of freedom and absolution from her blood debt!


SCI-FI:  Lillian has survived and exceeded everyone’s expectations the past two and a half years of her three year bond servant contract. Very few, in fact, believed she would make it through her first year.

The Culling
Sian B.

HORROR/DYSTOPIAN:  In a world where demons possess the majority of the population, Elders have been sent to create safety zones for the humans who remain. Each zone sends youngsters between the age of six and twenty to Nirvana to become the Reclaimed. Now it is the turn of Rosemary Zone to send their reclaimed. Elder Michelle has prepared the Reclaimed as best she can.