Highland Oath (Highland Treasures Book 1)


TIME TRAVEL:  When Angus MacLeod finds a naked woman on the beach, he knows he has to help her. She is very blunt, and when she starts to help his ill Father, it becomes apparent that she's something more than the normal women he is used to. Lila Salinas is wrenched back to 1692. As a surgeon, time travel defies everything she has come to believe. She finds a man desperately needing her help, and her work head kicks in. Despite wanting to go back to her own time, she wants to ensure that the elderly man will be okay. She's also developing feelings for Angus; he's strong, handsome and part of her wants to stay with him. Angus is sure she's meant to be with him, and he's not going to let her go without a fight. 

C.A. Szarek starts the action from the very first page. There are several characters that some readers may find they relate to. The time travel aspect of the book is interesting, however it is a bit cliché, which makes the book a little predictable. There are also some punctuation and grammatical errors that slow down the pace. Despite this, the story is a good one, and it is one of those books that can be read in one sitting. It will be good to see where the author takes the series. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick