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TIME TRAVEL:  Lissy de Luca has hidden herself from the world after a love affair gone wrong, but the past has a way of catching up with those who seek to forget.  Lissy is researching an artists' commune at Sea Scarr Hall, abandoned since 1905. The place fascinates her, and it comes complete with a lonely figure walking the beach at night carrying a gun.

Sad Summer in Biarritz

WOMEN'S LITERATURE:  A woman fleeing an abusive boyfriend ends up in the seaside town of Biarritz, where she finds herself embroiled in a mystery surrounding a young artist named Vinnie and his untimely death. When she starts to ask questions, those who want to hide the truth about him and his life, pull her in deeper.

TIME TRAVEL:  Lady Elizabeth Kendall and her twin brothers grew up listening to the amusing tales of time travel told by their mother. As she grows older, Elizabeth wonders if the stories are as fictional as she thought. Once grown and of debutante age, Elizabeth meets the handsome Jackerson Morgan Carwyn, Duke of Whitewood, at a countryside retreat.

TIME TRAVEL:  Jennifer Knight is a talented and accomplished actress, still landing lead roles while almost fifty. Jen is proud of her achievements but still feels something is lacking. As she approaches her fiftieth birthday, she reflects on her life, and specifically her two failed marriages. Will she ever have the chance to love again?

SCI-FI:  A woman comes to consciousness in a remote location on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  She does not know who or where she is, except that she is compelled to kill.  It is her Destiny.