SCI-FI:  An advanced race known as the Skae have discovered an ark in space.  There are no survivors; however, in its cargo are the precious DNA remnants of a race destroyed by their sun’s supernova.  The Skae use their technology to create Karm, the last Brin in the universe.

Karm exists for one purpose only.  With the help of the Skae, he will travel back in time and attempt to save his planet.  However, he must do so without affecting the timeline and with only the knowledge the Skae were able to save from the badly damaged ark sent into space carrying the hopes of an entire world on board.

Mr. Cronin is a master of plot! The societies he creates are detailed and intricate and interesting.  The story is full of twists and turns that keeps the reader turning the page to see what happens next.  However, character development is sacrificed for plot in “Hegira”.  Karm’s storyline is so focused on the mission that there is no character growth at all.  There is no struggle between his own ambitions, and the needs of the mission; no real connection with other characters to enrich the story.  It is difficult for the reader to become emotionally involved in Karm’s quest and thus the potential for real dramatic tension is reduced.  Despite these short-comings, “Hegira” is a great book with an original and compelling storyline well worth reading.

Gwenellen Tarbet