Healing Hands


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Leigh Anne Michaels has been haunted by the sexual assault she suffered as a child, and the repercussions that followed. The man responsible has finally been caught and is facing trial. Now an adult, Leigh Anne is the primary witness for the prosecution. Tormented by memories exacerbated by her mental illness, Leigh struggles to stay sane and find the strength to testify. Unfortunately, her family is unsupportive and she can only rely on her best friend and the man who broke her heart more than once. Logan suffers from PTSD after his time in the military and the suicide of his wife. He’s in no shape to give Leigh Anne the support she needs, but now he wants to try. Can two broken people become whole or will their demons finally break them both?

A heavy contemporary tale, “Healing Hands” is a combination of highly charged emotions, the court process, and romance.  Readers should be aware this story includes blatant description of the sexual assault Leigh Anne underwent as well as some of the scenes that trigger Logan’s drug and alcohol abuse. At the same time, it gives a vivid account of what true healing requires and what real forgiveness is. Although the point of view is not always clear, the plot is compelling, the pace quick, and emotions so real that the reader will feel them long after the book ends. Overall, an excellent if dark story! 

Sarah E Bradley