Justin R.

Science Fiction: Shawn Campbell is visiting his mother, Dr. Alicia Campbell on the moon.  When a delivery arrives at Dr. Campbell's door, the life Shawn once knew takes the first of many turns. Captain Laroux and his pirates, The Crimson Kings, kidnap Alicia and Shawn intending to use Dr. Campbell to access the Titan museum she procures.

Artemis is a Titan, a nanite engineered god. She and her kind were developed to protect the human race from the savagery of the Hezron. Infected with a virus that can destroy her and all her kind, Artemis returns to the Sol System, home of her creator and earth. Titans, are now believed to be extinct, but space pirates have stumbled upon Artemis and plan to invade Dr. Groesbeck's hidden lab under the museum with the help of Dr. Campbell and her son, expecting to gain unmeasured riches. When the pirates turn a weapon on Shawn, shooting him in the chest, there is only one cure---nanites. Nanites that will save Shawn's life and possibly change it forever.

Justin Macumber weaves an exciting sci-fi tale full of multiple villains and unlikely heroes!  A science fiction of this length, however, needs page numbers and a more thorough edit and format review. This novel also contains language and violent scenes that may not be suitable for younger audiences. If one enjoys nail-biting science fiction, however, this will surely satisfy.

Erin Murdock