Happily Ever After Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 20)

Jessica Day George, Julie Wright, Sarah M. Eden,
Julie Daines, Heather B. Moore, Annette Lyon

FAIRYTALES:  Elise is relieved to escape the grips of her step-mother when she is sent to the new world to marry a Count. Isa is happy to meet Thomas Rumple who ends up helping save her life from a greedy king. Gretel dedicates her life to one of servitude to an enchantress who spares her father, then she meets Hansel who is determined to free her for good. Ros is determined to find work and finds it with the owner of Black Fern. But she can't tell if he’s man or beast. Scarlet ventures out one night to help save one of her mom's patients. August steps in to protect her from the wolves that terrorize the village. Stella and Patrick work together to make beautiful roses. The Snow Queen captures Patrick, and Stella rushes to free him.

"Happily Ever After" is an elegant collection of captivating tales that are enjoyable to read. Every story is well-crafted, and it is impressive how cohesive all the stories are with six different authors telling them. It is bright how each tale contains elements of familiar tales yet is revamped to be unique. The characters are distinctive and memorable. The world building is well done and believable. The anecdotes are concise with exact precision no feeling like anything's rushed.  The twists and turns take the reader on a fun journey over and over again.

Jessica Samuelsen