TIME TRAVEL/SUSPENSE:  Grace is desperately determined to save her son Jordan from a fatal, soul-stealing disease called Metagenisis.  Leaving her almost ex-husband Marc to watch over their son, she volunteers to participate in an illegal experiment involving time travel and soul cloning. Grace and her best friend Kay drop into the distant past on a scavenger hunt that is a harrowing race against time complete with a building distrust of each other, mysterious assassins chasing them around the city, and an overly helpful old woman popping into their lives to cause confusion.  Will they be able to navigate the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada in the year 2000 to find and clone a man’s soul with hopes of saving Grace’s son and possibly the future of all mankind?

“Hamartia” is a fantastic science fiction mystery thriller filled with twists and turns, madcap escapades, and romance!  There a few drags to the pacing of the story found in the narrative explaining some of the daily life details of the main characters that readers may feel like skimming over. However, the main plot is a compelling and imaginative page-turner readers will thoroughly enjoy.  The two heroines are fully developed as distinct and capable women willing to do what it takes to accomplish their goals. The ensemble of secondary characters is a wonderful mix of comic relief and paranoid misgivings. The descriptions and motives of the villains could use a bit more fleshing out. The love story is a complex, thought provoking relationship with a seductive touch of heat. Ms. Rich delivers a mind-bending futuristic thriller with seductive skill and a unique perspective to the dilemmas of time-travel! 

Tonya Mathenia