WOMEN'S FICTION:  After being shunned by her traditional Egyptian family, single mother Leila Solomon finds herself wanting to return home to confront them and possibly mend fences. Aiden Stone, a famous landscape photographer, feels an instant pull on his heart when Leila helps him calm his young special needs son. Aiden must resolve issues with his son’s selfish mother when she returns to lay claims on him and his son. Leila must learn to stand up for herself and realize she is worthy of happiness and love. The two single parents have complicated lives loaded with personal baggage; however, they cannot deny the gravitational forces drawing them together. Will they be able to overcome their differences and demons to grab the goodness life is offering or will they let it all wash their love out to sea?

 “Gravity” is a compelling story filled with longing, hope, love, tradition, and triumph! The story revolves around a young woman who must overcome her insecurities and past abuses. She must learn to hold onto the best parts of her traditional upbringing as she reaches for the strength to achieve the dreams she has for herself and her young daughter. Readers will relate to both romantic lead characters as they deal with the complexities of their chaotic lives while falling in love. Their past relationships are filled with abandonment, betrayal, and abuse. Their scary and wonderful world of single parenthood is convincingly authentic. Their friends are richly drawn, showing the joys of friendships that become like family. Ms. Sedrak delivers an emotionally beautiful tale of two people yearning for happiness, family, and love with wonderful insight, humor, and grace.

Tonya Mathenia