Gracie’s Touch, Zion Warriors, #1

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SCI-FI FUTURISTIC:   After Earth was attacked by an alien species, Gracie Jones ended up separated from her family. She hid in the sewers until she was found by four men who stood as her protectors. They eventually formed the Freedom Five and were instrumental in defeating the Alluthans, but it was Gracie who paid the ultimate price.  At 17 she took a captured supply ship to the mother ship and uploaded a virus to bring down the enemy shields. Instead of making it home as she hopes she ends up stranded on a deserted moon millions of light years from Earth and hundreds of years in the future. Grand Admiral Kordon Jefe, a Zion Warrior in the Confederated Planets’ military, finds her, rescues her and claims her as his mate. When an unknown enemy begins attacking isolated outposts, it’s Gracie who recognizes them as the Alluthans. Once again Gracie must use her knowledge of the Alluthans to fight back and stop them. She has lost so much already and she refuses to lose anymore to the Alluthans.

S.E. Smith's latest effort introduces us to her new world of warriors in a distant galaxy, with a story that is very reminiscent of the movie Independence Day.  Whether this is a benefit or not will be up to the reader.  As it is, Ms. Smith presents a well-written book with interesting and likeable characters.  She has created a world full of detail and depth, which will pull the reader along for the ride at a fast clip with enough suspense, humor and steamy scenes to keep the pages turning.  A delicious ride indeed!


Carol Conley