The Girl in the Photograph (The Rossetti Mysteries #3)


TIME TRAVEL:  Lissy de Luca has hidden herself from the world after a love affair gone wrong, but the past has a way of catching up with those who seek to forget.  Lissy is researching an artists' commune at Sea Scarr Hall, abandoned since 1905. The place fascinates her, and it comes complete with a lonely figure walking the beach at night carrying a gun. When Lissy's brother invites Stefan, her former love, to Yorkshire, even more strange things occur.  A hidden painting found in the mansion leads to a chilling discovery, and a picture of a photograph of a beautiful woman, long deceased — and she has a message for Lissy. 

Kirsty Ferry skillfully weaves the present-day love affair with the past in this classic romantic tale set in a charming locale, with standard-issue cozy characters. The author has written a well- balanced, plot-driven romantic story, with Lissy and Stefan searching for love set. Unfortunately, the book is quite repetitive and full of details that are utterly unimportant to the plot. The pacing is slow (and again, repetitive) in many places. The reader may also become confused at times, as in many chapters the author has combined the 1905 story with the present-day story in the same chapter, which is jolting.  Overall, the story is quite interesting, and another pass by an editor would tighten the story up and make it more compelling.  

L. Kane