Into the Future (Heritage Time Travel Romance #2)


TIME TRAVEL:  After the turbulent events in the first book in the Heritage Time Travel series, Torie Mills and Dave Cameron are finally happy. They have gotten married, had a baby, and life seemed good. It turns out it was all too good to be true. The time warps are back and are more vicious and heartbreaking than ever. In order to keep their precious new family safe they will have to make some hard choices. 


A very emotional read about two people who are so perfect for each other and yet fate conspires against them.  Because the beginning of the book was confusing, with a lot of unfamiliar characters and names (that failed to reappear later on), not to mention the allusions to the events of the previous book, it becomes obvious the previous book should be required reading first. Still, once the reader catches up with it, it turns out to be a mesmerizing read! 


While Torie doesn't make much of an impression, Dave is stunning. With all his time warps and the emotions they raise in him, it is impossible to describe just how touching they are. His love for Torie and their child is present, of course, but here again, the reader needs to read the previous book in order to really appreciate it. The biggest disappointment is the cliffhanger - nothing is resolved, everything is left hanging neither the mystery of the time warps nor their relationship. Nevertheless, it is a book that will leave no reader's heart cold!


Ana Smith