The French Gambit (A Caribbean Spell #3)

Maureen O.

ROMANTIC ADVENTURE:  Captain Jake Reynard and Miranda, his partner in both life and piracy, are in for an amazing adventure when they arrive back in Port Royal for a friendly return visit. They discover a plot of blackmail by the French to destroy the English stronghold. The deception does not end there, however, when they become the target of every pirate bounty hunter for a discovered treasure. Not only are their lives at stake but those of their friends. Their love is tested but with a little help from Miranda's magical powers they begin to do what they do best and spring into action, pirate style!


A pirate's life is full of violence and certain death but Jake and Miranda take this with ease.  They are magnetic both together and individually, causing the reader to grip each new page as it is turned. The first two books in this series play a vital role in the connections between all of the characters so the beginning may leave a first-time reader at a loss.  The action makes up for any glitches and one can truly connect with them by the time they have reached the end. Miranda knows how to kick some butt but still possesses a feminine side and is intriguing with her unique magical abilities. While Jake is a tough pirate one would not want to mess with, he also has a tender side making these two a dynamite duo.  It’s a turbulent ride into the historic Caribbean filled with zealous pirates, making this a riveting read!


Margaret Faria