Fracture: the Secret Enemy Saga


Tegrin is a member of the Lion Clan and a Guardian; his sole duty is to protect King Yorandt with his life.  Trouble is brewing with the Couton, a band of beautiful women who thrive on stealing the memories of others.  They have found a fracture between their world and Earth.  The Couton are sneaking into the Earth realm undetected, stealing the memories of unsuspecting Earth dwellers, and killing them in the process.  How will Tegrin track the Couton, close the fracture, and protect the Earth creatures?  Enter Kristina, who has just lost her parents to a brutal murder, and has a life long history of seeing things in a magical realm.  She meets Tegrin, and discovers a whole new side to her, something she knew was always there, but could never figure out. Together they track the Couton and help Kristina develop her powers, falling in love in the process.  

Virginia McKevitt writes a great sci-fi mystery thriller!  She develops an enticing, believable plot, and uses each character to contribute to the story line that both intrigues and enthralls. Word of warning, however,  she leaves Book One  with Tegrin and Krystina still on the hunt, determined to protect Earth and its inhabitants from the ravenous Couton, developing a cliffhanger that leaves readers yearning for more and waiting in anticipation for Book Two.  Bravo, Ms. McKevitt,  on a series well started!
Victoria Z. Burg