Fortuna: The Apprentice, Vol. 4 (The Twelve Systems Chronicles, #4)


SCI-FI:  Guilty by association, Lilian is being punished for her father’s crimes. Bonded to Monsignor Lucius Mercio, the Preeminence of The Serengeti Group and the Blooded Dagger Cartouche, she is little more than an indentured servant to the world, but so much more to Lucius. Gifted with extreme intelligence and occasional insight, Lilian has proven her worth and loyalty to Lucius many times over. However, there are those who wanted her for themselves and they are not finished in attempting to acquire her, risking the wrath of Lucius and all his power. What is it about Lilian that draws brilliance and trouble alike?

E.G. Manetti wows with an incredibly detailed history-rich world! Filled with intrigue, danger, and complicated relationships within the Twelve Systems “Fortuna” does not fail to captivate. While returning readers will gleefully dive headlong into these deep and turbulent Sci-Fi waters, new readers will find themselves floundering, forever grateful for the sanity-saving glossary. Once one has the terminology down, though, it’s not long before the plot carries enthralled readers forward at warp speed.  Lilian is the sun in this piece, shining brightly at all times while secondary characters revolve around her. The conclusion wraps up Lilian’s journey in Volume four, but it’s clear her trials are not yet at an end. Bring on Volume five!

Carol Conley