Forgotten Fallacy (The Chronicles of Xannia #4)


SCI-FI:  Xannia has been shaken to its core, the government has been overthrown, Dezmind is in charge, and he is quickly rallying groups from all races and levels to form a better government and protect all the people. To do so, he needs Taya by his side. Unfortunately, the injuries Taya sustained in previous battles are having lingering internal affects, and the promises they have made seem to be taking a back seat to the problems they face from Talian, an ex-military terrorist group, and growing unrest among the faithful as Dezmind’s revelations threaten their Child God. The recovery and use of a major alien artifact might save their world, but can Taya summon the energy to face this new challenge or will it break her for good?

The intense final book in “The Chronicles of Xannia” series, the book picks up shortly after the previous book leaves off, and uses a quick pace to push through to the end. Taya is broken, facing ghosts from the past, and weary of saving the world, driven only by duty and her love for Dez. Dezmind is struggling to avoid becoming like his predecessor, but unable to understand Taya’s struggles. The romance is fairly minimal, being mostly in crisis, but the alternating point of view focuses on taking each of the characters from previous books, wrapping up loose ends, and building toward a tense and almost desperate but satisfying conclusion for them all. Full of drama, action, and emotion, this book feels like a well-organized conclusion while still leaving room for spin off tales. Truly, this a great book for fans of science fiction and post-apocalyptic adventures!

Sarah E Bradley