Forevermore (Heritage Time Travel Romance #3)


TIME TRAVEL:  After the events in the previous book of the “Heritage Time Travel” series, Dave and Torie are forced to separate.  They are both miserable, but they did it hoping that the time warps will stop. Warps used to be wonderful and poignant, but have turned painful and dangerous.  Unfortunately, not even the separation seems to help. It isn’t until Torie comes across an unlikely teacher that it appears that they just might prevail against the evil that’s haunting them.


A truly spellbinding story with strong characters that doesn’t give up! Torie and Dave do their best to protect each other and their daughter Rosie. However, in doing so, they resort to lying. While their desire to shield each other is understandable, it chafes a bit, especially in Torie’s case.  She spends weeks constantly lying to Dave, and as a side effect it keeps him from seeing Rosie.


There is a lot of world building done in this book. The reader learns intricacies about Dave and Torie's ability, making it all that more real. But what truly shines is the way that the emotions are portrayed: staying indifferent would be hard.  It’s not only the strength of the bond between Torie and Dave, but their ties to their ancestors, as well. There is one twist at the end of the book which felt off, because its purpose is seemingly to simply yank at the reader’s emotions. Reading this series in order is strongly recommended, for without the previous books, “Forevermore” won’t be as satisfying a read. All in all, a story that’s submerged in history, family and most of all, love!


Ana Smith