In a Flash: A Memoir


MEMOIR:  When Renee Johnson gets a Pap smear for extensive vaginal bleeding, it turns out that she is pregnant despite the supposed impossibility. When she goes to see an OB-GYN, her problems only get worse. The doctor doesn’t really help with her excessive bleeding or the pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses and the bleeding continues, Renee’s problems only get worse, finally landing her in the hospital. While Renee is in the hospital, getting closer to giving birth, she learns who really cares for her. While dealing with her other relationships, her job, her boyfriend, Chase, she learns she must be the one responsible for her health no matter who the physician really is.

This emotional, poignant story will evoke many feelings with all women who have experienced any health problems. It follows a woman who has gynecological problems resulting from pregnancy. The book is told with heartbreaking clarity and a true to life feeling. Renee, despite her blasé attitude, is every woman who has had female issues yet manages to be alright, even against unconquerable odds. Everything plays a part in Renee’s health, even her relationship with Chase, which never feels close, especially when both refer to each other as “friend.” The novel, written from a non-professional’s point of view, is sensitively written, paying much attention to detail while documenting the nightmare of going to doctors, specialists and healthcare professionals who keep getting it wrong. 

Roslynn Ernst